What Matters Most

What Matters Most
Andie's Baptism

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Update by a friend

This blog is not being updated my Megan herself. It is currently being written by her friend Andrea. I wanted all her family and friends to know that she did not die in April, she just became sane enough to quit a bunch of things she had overbooked herself with and now has the time to do the real important things like clean her house, watch her kids play and hang out with me. Here's what she's been up to.

Andie celebrated her 7th birthday at Roni's with family
They cultivated the Orchard
Susie graduated from Elementary school and is now going to be a Junior Higher
Kenny graduated from Junior High and is now going to be a high schooler
All the other kids get to move up a grade...cause we were all worried about that HA!
Spraying the orchard
They went on a small family vacation down to Redmond with Roni & Rogi for Susie's soccer tournament
All 3 little kids attended swimming lessons for 2 weeks and get to move up to the next class
Casey has been working his hind end off for Roni and Rogi and keep very busy with projects around the house
They celebrated Kenny's 14th birthday with 6 of his good friends over for guitar hero & Indiana Jones video game playing
Susie's birthday was celebrated at the Mt. Scott Pool with 11 of her friends and a pizza party
Working for weight watchers on Mondays
They celebrated the 4th of July at Gramma Sharons house with the traditional tractor and bike parade.
Allie's birthday was also celebrated at our 4th of July get together
Kenny and Susie got to go on the LDS Pioneer trek the 2nd week in July
Susie turned around the next day and took off with Grandma Bonnie, 2 cousins and her Dad to BYU Soccer camp
Mixed into all of this she finds time to be with friends, sew, eat out, drink soda, attend enrichments, perform her church callings, grocery shop, clean for her mom, laugh, cry, shop, read books, take her kids to the park, cook (well sometimes), plant a garden, and last but not least keep up on laundry for a household of 7.