What Matters Most

What Matters Most
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Monday, April 7, 2008

For Jenny

I heard I'm too deep for some of you.:0 Yeah, that's just if you don't hang around me alot and know how shallow I really am. So here's what my life is really all about. My husband thinks we need a coffee table in the family room. So he has something to put his feet on. I said okay, but only if we can get rid of the recliner, because there's already too much crap in the family room. You know, first we had to take out my lovely armoire to make way for a big screen TV- and then you can't have that without a sub-woofer, and all of the many, many other components that go with a state of the art system. Or whatever. If you don't know what a sub-woofer is, I'll just tell you this- it makes it so that you can FEEL the sound from the TV in the upstairs bathroom.

So, back to the recliner/coffee table discussion. It seems to me that if he wants to put his feet up, the recliner should be enough. But I'd actually be happy to get rid of the recliner, because it smells funny. Like chips and feet. Don't ask. There is one other problem- if you move the recliner you can see the permanent marker "art" that Colton decorated the wall behind it with. Nice. It beats boogers on the wall, though. Although I haven't seen too many of those lately. Colton has another way of dealing with them. It goes something like this: I say "Hey Colt, quit picking your nose"- and he says "But my boogers need to hide"- so I say "Well, leave them in your nose then- they can hide in there"- and he says (getting very annoyed with me at this point, like I'm such an idiot because I just don't GET it) "NO!" and pops them into his mouth. Yum. Better there than on my wall.


Rich & Andrea said...

I love it...except for the chips and feet thing. I'll let Jenni know that you've updated with more interesting topics.

Bill & Jen said...

Nice post Megan. By the way, I get the boogers on my WALL! From a 4 year old(or 2 yr old, neither will admit up to) ..... First of all though, it was Andrea who said you were deep "a deep person", I only said "wow, her post was really deep", not that is a problem at all. Andrea said that you won't blog about the stupid things that happen (Like boogers, or stinky feet and chips (what kind???) or little every day things, just deep thoughts or stuff like that...... :) But hey, I love the post title, now I'm famous.